Visiting Spinx

Egypt – the most important place that is worth visiting

Would you like to go to Egypt? Have you dreamed about this kind of trip with your family since months? Now, you finally have a chance to do it and make your dream come true? What makes that people visiting this African country with a pleasure? Most of all, really attractive to tourist is perfect weather. Egypt is a country where poeple cannot complain on the lack of sun and high temperatures. For example, it is worth to go to visit Spinx comfortably, when the weather in Poland is not the best during the autumn and winter.

The hottest temperatur es in Egypt are in July and August. In this period it is good to sunbath and enjoy nice suntan after coming back to Poland, for sure it will cause jealousy among your collegues. Do you want to avoid the hottest temperatures? In this situation the best choice is to go to Egypt in April or May. What else makes people go to that African country? Egypt is full of historical places.

It is nice to visit Spinx most of all, but it is worth to remember that this stony statue, that presents a human being with a head of lion, is places in Giza, only few hundred metres for the Pyramid of Chefren. Where else is it possibile to see this kind of elements? For example in Luxor, where we can find Spinx alley, which is 3km long. That alley connects Luxor Temple with Temple of Amon. We can guarantee that Luxor will make a big impression on you. In addition, statues from this category can also be seen in the Temple of Hatshepsut.

What else is worth visiting in this african location? These include the Suez Canal, Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Nile Valley, Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple Complex, etc. It’s definitely worth planning and organizing everything so that you don’t miss anything important during your stay in Egypt. For more information, visit our website www.